HotcoHires Party Hire & Events Agency

“Catering To Your Event Needs”

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Hotco Party & Event Services

Here at Hotco we provide and hire a number of products and services that will enhance your party experience and make it an extremely memorable one. As we say, we ‘Cater to your event needs’. You will be able to select from a range of services including food, drinks, games, to entertainment and more. So don’t be shy and take a browse through our website, we are sure you will find most of your event needs right here at Hotco Hires.

  • Fun Foods

    See some of our popular machines Candy Floss, Popcorn and our new product that has just come in; Slush Puppy

  • Catering

    Click to see the works of our two independent chefs, sweet and savoury dishes, desserts and our special tropical punch

  • Entertainment

    Why not add a DJ to your booking, or a photographer & videographer to capture those special moments.

  • Games & Inflatables

    Click for our fun & exciting games, our team building exercises and inflatables that will leave you bouncing back to your childhood

  • Cally Cup Cakes
  • SF - Events
  • IDAPod
  • Concrete View
  • Beskope Bites
  • Fully Insured