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Disclaimer & Safety

All equipment

  • A responsible adult must supervise the equipment and users at all times.
  • The site must be clear of any hazards, glass and stones etc. and sited away from any trees, walls, glass houses, conservatories, etc..
  • No person shall interfere with or attempt to repair or service the electrical or mechanical equipment.
  • Where Hotco Hires has specified an age range, this must be adhered to.
  • No food or drinks to be consumed on the equipment. (to avoid choking, mess and damage).
  • No smoking on or near the equipment.
  • Sharp objects must not be taken on or near the equipment.
  • All shoes, badges, jewellery, (e.g. large earrings, necklaces etc.) must be removed. It is recommended that spectacles be removed.
  • No face-paints, party-poppers, coloured streamers or "silly string" must be used near or on inflatables and other interactive equipment, as they can make a terrible mess and permanently stain the unit.
  • Ensure that the equipment remains as dry as possible: any water games, paddling pools, etc. should be kept well away.
  • The equipment must not be overcrowded. Limit the numbers depending on age and size of the people using it. If the people are colliding into each other then it is too crowded.
  • If the equipment is not being used for any part of the day, please switch the power off at the mains, this is a safety precaution and will reduce your electric bill!
  • Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems are allowed on the equipment.
  • No Barbecues or heaters to be positioned within 15 feet (4.6m) of bouncy castles or other inflatables.
  • The rides must not be used in his/her absence.
  • All safety conditions must be adhered to.

These high motion units provide fun and thrills and all users enjoy the rides at their own risk.

Bouncy Castles & Inflatables

  • The castle must be pegged down at all times on grass unless previously discussed.
  • No Barbecues or heaters to be positioned within 15 feet (4.6m) of bouncy castles or other inflatables.
  • Do not allow anyone to bounce on the step/front apron. The step is only there to help users get on and off.
  • The recommended number of users must not be exceeded. However, you must limit the numbers depending on age and size of people - if the users are colliding into each other then it is too crowded.
  • Avoid large children, small children and adults from using the castle at the same time. Some people require strict supervision.
  • Do not allow users to be on the unit during inflation or deflation.
  • In the event of heavy rain the inflatable must be switched off. Any wetness or bubbling can be gently dried with a towel. A cover will be provided to prevent rain-water being sucked into the blower. This must not be removed.
  • The vent on the side of the blower must be kept clear at all times.
  • The blower at the back may have a safety-reset button. In the event that it overheats, or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains, and then switch it back on again 1 or 2 minutes later, and it should restart. If it does not, or there is a power cut, inform us IMMEDIATELY.
  • The person or organization hiring the equipment will be held responsible and liable for any damage or injury occurring or loss of business resulting from misuse, neglect, reckless use or willful damage.
    • These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Hotco Hires cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment. General Conduct Hotco hires will not tolerate violence or aggression toward any staff or equipment and reserve the right to close rides without notice or compensation. The hirer will be liable for any injury, damage, or loss of equipment and resulting in loss of business.

      If using a generator supplied by Hotco Hires, we will set it up according to current Health & Safety legislation. Therefore, it is paramount that the generator is used in a well-ventilated area away from open windows & buildings to prevent any potential Carbon monoxide fumes building up.

      Public liability insurance

      We have full public liability insurance up to £5,000,000,000

      Food & Hygiene

      All of our staff handling food products have up to date food and hygiene certificates lasting 3 years. And renewed once out of date.

      Health & Safety

      Hotco Hires is accredited with a full heath and safety certificate.