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  • Leah Campbell

Aspiring Party Planner ends up with £29K bill

A woman flouted the Covid-19 lockdown when she threw a New Years Eve’s party at a luxury Knightsbridge townhouse that has cost her £29,000, a court heard.

Isabela Filipa Santos Dias Rodrigues, 23, organised the illicit event, charging £1,000-per-table in a bid to launch a career as a professional party planner.

Westminster magistrates court heard up to 300 people attended the party, which carried on until 3am in spite of police guarding the entrances to stop more guests from entering.

Rodrigues, who says she herself was blocked from entering the venue at 47 Exhibition Road, claims she was ripped off by a promoter who had offered to help throw the party but she is no longer able to contact.


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